Guitar Notes: Where To Begin With Using A Macbook Laptop (with Reason 4) In Live Performance?

I got into electronic music making about a year ago and have set up a band which is now ready to play live. I do not have a single clue about laptops and live performance, i’ve heard all sorts of things about DI boxes and external sound cards, but don’t really get it. I need to know about how I go about connecting my laptop to an amp/P.A system.

Any useful links or direct advice would be much appreciated, thank you!

*As a side note the band consists of a drums, bass guitar, laptop with midi controller and a microkorg synth.


  1. Roy says:

    One:You ll need a Laptop 3.5mm Jack to Mixer 2 x 6.3mm cable so you can plug it into the mixer, a DI Box it is mainly for recording guitar as it provides two signals from one input one for A miced amp and another clean signal for the Audio Interface so forget the DI Box
    Two:Two Get a Sound Card Or an Audio Interface with DSP(Direct Signal Processing)these have great processing power and can host Plug ins on the interface itself taking the load off the CPU with with stop any freezing or quality degeneration
    Three:Figure out a comfortable way of playing like focusing on the synth notes and use the sequence to loop certain parts and trigger other parts

    Hope this Helps