Luna: Luna Guitars Henna Oasis Spruce Series II Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Luna Guitars Henna Oasis Acoustic Electric Guitar Spruce…. check it out

  • 6-string folk guitar
  • Maple body, Spruce top
  • 25-1/2″ scale. Set neck

Read me? I once heard this song covered by a girl ‘Loona’ from the netherlands but I think its originally a ‘Mecano’ song. Just heard the song (now that Mecano-version) and played it, I have no tabs, sorry. But this might help: Basically you can play the song in ‘a’ like this: Intro and verses (very simple): aGFG Bridge (give it some try): aGFG aGCD Chorus (perhaps not that easy at first): eDCH eDC-h7 eDCH eDC-h7 (ahaha ahaha…) e-h7-eDC (hijo de la luna-aa…) FGa If you like singing it like Mecano, use a capodaster (is it called ‘capodaster’ in english? I’m not sure. I’m from germany) and transpond it 4 semitones up (a becomes cis , but with the capodaster you play like a. thats all the trick). Anything I’ve forgotten? Any tips against possible mistakes in my english texts? 😉 Just let me know. And please don’s ask for tabs.. just try out a little and have fun playing… thats the best advice possible I think… Please share your opinion! And of course, you can use this video as a backing track to sing on it. Please post it as a response afterwards and I’ll look forward to hear you sing. Be sure to visit this link: It’s Nynke21 singing with this instrumental as backing track. I think, she’s very talented and I like her singing a lot! Also be sure to subscribe to my channel, since more videos will follow, also non-covers.. I have some funny ideas of what needs to be played with the guitar…!