Guitar Lessons: Is He In Love With Me Or Is It Just Intense Infatuation?

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: More jazz guitar lessons: In this ii-V7 lick we start with a nice melodic statement using an interval jump. Then we follow it up with a scalar pattern that leads into an arpeggio. So, we are utilizing the different techniques we have been learning in other licks. This is a good lick to learn in different keys and positions. It may take a little practice with the slow rhythm track to get this lick under your fingers. The fast tempo is a realistically bright tempo that jazzers play so take the time practice slowly building the speed of your eighth note lines.

So, I’ve been talking to this guy since the beginning of January. We bonded over some family problems he had, where he confided in me… and since then, we’ve confided in each other about everything – we talk on the phone pretty much every night, for about 3 hours each night, and we text all day, every day.

He said to me “you know I love you!” after I said he’d called me mean! (it was a joke). He’s offered to teach me how to play guitar (and gives me lessons over the phone!), he sends me music ‘dedicated to me’ (he sent me ‘lean on me’… beautiful.) And today… he sent me a piece of music he composed for me (that he wrote himself, then played on his guitar, recorded and called it ‘Mari’s song).

He asked me to go on holiday with him, too, when he’d originally said he was going on his own. He talked about somebody abandoning him… I told him he was stuck with me and he replied with “i like… being stuck with you”. He was listening to a song and the lyrics were ‘something deep inside’ and he sent me a text saying “… yes… there’s something deep inside… x”

Not only that, he was reading out loud on the phone from his book of sonnets. He then read out ‘Sonnet 18′. I said “it sounds beautiful when you actually read it out to someone… and mean it”. And he then read it out again… slower and more beautiful. (‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day? Thou art more beautiful’ that one).

What do you think? This is just an outline of course… but I think I’m in love with him. :) Does he love me, too? Is our relationship too intense… especially since we aren’t together yet?


  1. Crescent Avenue says:

    I think he loves you… when a man is in love with a woman… it’s emotional… when a man desires a woman physically… it’s sexual… if he has not made a physical move on you at this point, I would say yes he’s in love with you.

  2. woodley says:

    Love is an intense infatuation.

  3. Jenn says:

    aw. he sounds so sweet. I’m pretty sure this is love.