Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Say This Lot Was Worth?

I’m considering selling my Wii.

I’ve had it for a couple of years, I haven’t really played it that much, as I never really have the time, or just don’t feel like it. Its in very good condition imo.

I have the white console, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 3 legends of rock, mario kart with 2 wheels, 2 controllers, wii fit balance board and software, wii fit plus, super mario smash bros brawl, snowboarding game, wii sports, wii play, super paper mario, mario galaxy, sonic and mario olympic games, wacky races – and i’m sure theres a few more games i have, can’t remember them exactly now

how much (as a rough guess) do you think i would get for this lot? and would it be best to sell it to game/gamestation or through ebay?

thanks for all answers
ps. in the UK! :)


  1. Dan says:

    Okay well for this is my price average..
    gamestop-$ 200 or less
    Craigslist-$ 200-250 probably cash as well
    Ebay-More then $ 275

    Thanks, thats what i would pay for me.

  2. lady ida says:

    Have a look on ebay, amazon etc to see what the going rate is for these things and how quickly they sell, you’ll get your answers from that. Alternatively you could try advertising local, but don’t expect to get much. Personally I’d pay nothing because technology changes so fast whats the point? In-fact I wouldn’t accept it as a gift because it’s just more stuff I have to dust.