Guitar Games: All You Lot That Want To Get Rockband 3?

When is Rockband 3 being released in the U.K?
how much is the game on it’s own?
how much is the keytar thingy?
and how much is the pro guitar?
Is it actualy going to be just like a real guitar? If i get good at it and manage to do it at expert difficulty will i then be able to adapt to a real guitar and play that at around the same level or is learning pro completely different from the real thing.


  1. J says:

    Well, I don’t know the conversion rate, but game only is $ 60 USD, w/keytar is $ 130 USD, and apparently, the new Guitar controller by itself is $ 150 -_- The new guitar is supposedly supposed to be able to teach the fundamentals of playing a real one.

  2. Thomas King says:

    £100 USD is about £49 GBP.

    do the math