Guitar Songs: How Long Would It Take Me To Learn Electric Guitar?

I just bought an electric guitar, how long would it take me to learn songs, particulary i want to play the star spangled banner on july 4th. is that realistic?


  1. Stephen V. says:

    Its realisitc, if you are determined.

    Guitar isn’t something you just pick up and run with because you have a cool idea for doing something one day on July 4th. Its a journey. Even if you practice 20 minutes a day it will still take time to be any good, you have to learn the feel of the guitar, the rhythm the frets, the tabulature, the feeling.

    Seriously, if you bought it to play on one day, please take it back to the shop dude and let someone who is willing to take that joruney with that guitar, rather than it collecting dust when you give up.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, you seem like a passionate person by nature, you want to play something patriotic on a day that is about independence, about freedom and that makes me feel your passion. If you really want to play it, do the following:


    Like, now.

    2: Get the tab and take it to your teacher and tell them you are determined.

    3: Practice for an HOUR a day. And practice on the star spangled banner EVERY DAY for that hour

    4: Continue to play the guitar after the 4th of July.

    5: Play the star spangled banner again next July 4th and notice how you well you rock…

    Its possible, you can do it, if you stick at it…. most people will give up, and I know you won’t.

  2. Robert J says:

    Have a look at youtube for guitar tutorial videos.

    Also look at sites like ‘Lick Library’ for beginners info (like ‘the mechanics of electric guitar’).

    Make sure you get the position of the guitar itself correct, and the position of your fret hand & fingers on the neck. If you start off wrong there, it’s very difficult to play anything well.

    As the previous poster says, practise every day. You need to learn each fret position by reflex, and you get that by long repetition.

    Spend a few minutes on different songs each day so you don’t get stuck in a limited range of positions.

  3. Cody Winchester says:

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