Best Acoustic Guitar: How Long Does It Take For The Average Person To Learn To Play Guitar?

Okay so I have just bought an acoustic guitar, I am starting lessons in a few days at a preforming arts school, I will go there probably once a week to start with, how long do you think it will take me to learn a song – like in weeks ? As i just want to estimate so i can look forward to it, thanks x x


  1. Joseph Dusk says:

    A week to a month

  2. Dylan R says:

    A long time

  3. hereisnowhy says:

    Just to play a song a couple of weeks, to play the guitar – maybe 6 months to a year.

  4. Sarah says:

    Well, you’ll probably take a few weeks to learn scales and get used to the notes, etc. But, depending on the complexity of the song, once you’ve learned the notes it’ll take a few weeks probably but longer if you want to perfect it.

  5. James says:

    I heard that the guitar is the easiest instrument to learn and the hardest to master. You can learn a few cords quite quickly, and then use them to strum away quite quickly…

    However saying that, I’ve had a guitar for years and can’t play a thing 😉

  6. Derpin N Herpin says:

    Depends what you consider competency in playing. Are we talking how to strum a couple chords, how to play strumming songs with bass slaps and palm muting, or fingerpicking? If you’re talking how to learn to play just some basic chord songs, probably a month if you practice every day. If you’re talking complex chord songs, probably a year or two. If you’re talking fingerpicking, probably again, a year or two to be competent enough to pick up a tab and learn it. As for how long for each song? Probably in the same order as before: a week or so, maybe a couple weeks, again a couple weeks. Time for a song really depends more on the competency and experience of the player. Beginners will probably take longer. Again, all of these predictions are assuming you’re playing every day. If you’re only practicing once a week, that’ll make it harder. Since you’re doing professional lessons though, you’ll probably make quick progress. Good luck playing!

  7. Malakiy says:

    I’ve been playing profesionally over 40 years and I still have a lot to learn. But as everyone else has said, a few basic chords and strums can be learned in a couple of days.

  8. An Old Priestess says:

    If you spend a couple of weeks to learn the common chords, then you can find lots of tabbed songs that you can play right away.

    Check this out …

    Learn chords:

    Tabbed songs:

    If you forget the chord, just put the mouse on the letter an it will remind you where to put your fingers.

    Of course this is just a quick and dirty way to get going fast… it will give you some enjoyment and foster the desire to continue… but ultimately you will need to do a lot more work if you want to play more advanced material.

  9. Harry says:

    Will always depend upon your level of… interest and, real desire to play. And as well, personal discipline to do anything you think is worth doing.

    For any musical instrument endeavor… give yourself a year’s time, and then discover if you are a player of any instrument you are willing and wanting to conquer.

    A big plus, if you (already) love the music the instrument you know is capable to express, Listen to the music.

    That should be the big secret, if nothing else.

    Have patience. The songs will come along, for the ride of your life.

    And… get those chord books, learning aids and tuner to help build your own library of reference.

  10. Stephen says:

    There is an article about how easy it is to learn the guitar at pickingtips. I’ll post the link below. It is going to probably go much fast because you are taking lessons, but it really depends on the person. Supplement your practice by reading tips and tricks online. This has really helped me.

  11. Lee says:

    iit all depends on how much effort is put into learning,, however I have heard of learning to play guitar in a weekend