Guitar Notes: Light Hearted Music Suggestions?

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In my music collection, every other track is blues – the rest is classical/reggae/jazz/spanish/greek/rock/rock n roll.

It’s not that I’m going off it – blues guitar completes me, it’s just when I hear blues, my ears prick up and I listen to every note.
I want some music that my ears don’t prick up to, but I enjoy – I can’t describe it. Easy listening???

Here’s some examples of (easy listening) tracks I already have: The Jackson 5, Blockbuster by Sweet, Born to be wild by Steppenwolf, weird al yankovich, Gary Numan, Does Your Mother Know by Abba and Madness.


  1. GibsonEssGee says:

    Jon Mayall’s “Wake Up Call” album is a mix of blues and easy listening so you get the best of both or maybe “Let’s Go Round Again” the “best of” album from the Average White Band. Having said that, if you call Blockbuster easy listening then you might as well get Motörhead’s “No Sleep ’til Hammersmith”.

  2. Pushkar says:

    keny g music,U2