Best Acoustic Guitar: Light Blue Acoustic Guitar?

Nils Lofgren playing long may you run from the Neil Young documentary ‘Don’t be denied’.

Does anyone know of any acoustic/electro acoustic guitars that come in a light blue colour?


  1. Detroit 1701 says:

    Try Motor City Guitar (Google them)

  2. ♥FLUMPS♥ says:

    Have a look at Daisyrock guitars, they have them in all different colours. Here’s a link to one :

  3. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    Guitars are more musical instruments than they are fashion statements. Just buy the best guitar-colored guitar you can.

  4. phllipe b says:

    type it in ,,,,,,the winners are judged by success

  5. Sqwee-Gwee says:

    If I were you, I’d get a guitar-colored guitar. Natural wood has a much better sound than a low-quality wood with 10 layers of paint and sparkles over it.