Guitar Lessons: Is Life Trying To Teach Me Something? And How To Stop Being So Angry?

Please answer both questions.

1) Well reviewing my life i was kicked out of all extracurricular activities that i joined.
e.g i got kicked out of music clubs and lessons because i was crap so i taught myself to play three instruments guitar, violin and piano and my friends say im good.

2) I never get picked for stuff at school they always give it to the loud mouth popular girls
but outside school i get casted for theatre productions and local plays.

3) In school my grades aren’t noticed even if they’re the best everyone notices the dancers and singers. Although outside school i participate in science fairs and scholars clubs.

Second question

2) Since for the above i didn’t get into all these clubs and things
– I didn’t get head girl of my school.
– I got kicked out of clubs.
– My grades are never noticed.

They always notice the singers and dancers and loud mouth girls. That makes me so angry why don’t they give stuff to me. Why am i so crap to get kicked out then left alone to learn myself. I hate myself and i want to kick the teachers for all of these things they did to me.
sorry its long
im 15 and female


  1. . says:

    Hm, were you kicked out for behavior problems? It doesn’t seem right for them to kick you out because you didn’t do well, they should only kick you out if you gave behavior problems, such as fighting with other students or overall being reckless….

    Highschool was like that for me too. I got noticed for very little other than my artistic abilities because I was probably the best artist in the school. Just take it with a grain of salt and keep doing well, because honestly, college is where it all matters.