Guitar Lessons: My Life Is Depressing?

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im now 18 i have nothing to show for my life and im so depressed. im not happy about my weight and height my dad walked out on me and my mum when i was a baby so ive never known him. i hate the way i look and that ive never stuck at anything. i fucked up in school and just gave up. i then had a gap year where i just smoked weed allot to get some joy outa life. i never stuck at anything like i said i went football training for like 6 months then gave up, i did music lessons and ended up braking the guitar strings aswell as not being able to play music. i tryed skateboarding and after around 2 months the fun went.i dont have a car or moped i have nothing to show for my life.


  1. Mel Rose says:

    see a professioanl?

  2. Wombat says:

    Get a digital camera and travel. Go as far as you possibly can