Guitar Lessons: My Life Is Just Depressing?

im now 18 i have nothing to show for my life and im so depressed. im not happy about my weight and height my dad walked out on me and my mum when i was a baby so ive never known him. i hate the way i look and that ive never stuck at anything. i fucked up in school and just gave up. i then had a gap year where i just smoked weed allot to get some joy outa life. i never stuck at anything like i said i went football training for like 6 months then gave up, i did music lessons and ended up braking the guitar strings aswell as not being able to play music. i tryed skateboarding and after around 2 months the fun went.i dont have a car or moped i have nothing to show for my life.


  1. Cameron Little says:

    Kill your self.

  2. Barbara says:

    You control your life. If you want to make something of your life then you have to step up and do it. Don’t sit here and say you have nothing to show for your life because your the one who made it that way. Your capable of doing anything you want but YOU have to put forth the effort and make things happen, it wont just be handed to you.

  3. Tiana Miami says:

    Right, you’re 18 and this is how you feel now?
    You can easily change this in a matter of bit of time.
    Dont be depressed because it will only hurt you more and stress you further.
    weight cane be changed by yourself. with you still being young, your body hasnt set in a position yet, you can tone yourself and make your reflection look exactly how you want it to. As for height…well, unfortunately thats inherited lol unless you go on to steroids, which i highly disagree with. My dad doesnt win the father-of-the-year award either. I hate mine too. Dont let that become your excape route in life though because if we blame our past, how can we ever perfect our future?
    Why dont you look at whats important to you in life? what does your mum want from you? What does she want to see you become?
    what do you want to do with your life?
    dont sit there as a failure because if you do, thats your whole life gone down the drain. We dont want that. Reach for the moon. Set a goal and achieve it. The only person stopping you is yourself.
    stand up, brush yourself off and become a new person. You can do this.