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I am 13 and have been playing the Viola at school for a year now and I have just started recently teaching myself the Guitar. A few years ago, I had a term of Keyboard lessons. I looked on my local Sixth Form’s web page and they said that Music A Level required that you were grade V (5) on any instrument and I am not even grade one yet. I start Music GCSE next year. What should I do? How many grades could you cover on a Keyboard in two years?


  1. Evas says:

    The most efficient and fastest way to learn is with a Nationally Certified Teacher of piano. Then practice consistently, carefully and mindfully. How fast you can go is up to your teacher based on how well you are doing with the material you are studying. I am sorry that there is no easier answer for you. Best wishes.

  2. Garrett Mason says:

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  3. spanner says:

    you really need to get a teacher. you could cover 3 grades in 2 years but it depends on how quickly you pick it up