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I’m currently am month away from a levels, and I am slightly worried about a couple of my choices. I wanted to find a backup subject in case one of the subjects i had chosen was more boring, difficult, or unfulfilling as I had expected it would be. I looked for a long time, and decided that the only other subject which could fit the criteria of being enjoyable, challenging, and relatively useful to me (considering the degree i want to take) would be music, which im sure would help with a possible english-theatre dual honours.

However, whereas I am quite good at music, and have an ear for what sounds ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, my level of theory is slightly appalling. I know a few pieces of terminology are, e.g. diminuendo, crescendo, allegro, forte etc. And i just looked up what a cadence is. I immediately figured out what kind of sound it would produce, and i understand what they are used for quite easily, its just that some pretty integral stuff, like minors, majors and progressions etc im not so sure of. The fact that I am a drummer hasnt really sparked any interest in these more tuneful things, because up until possibly now, i havent needed to know anything about them. I am a drummer who never used theory, and all that I know comes from my guitar-playing brother, and year 7, and 8 music lessons.

I suppose what the main problem is, is that I:
1. May not fill the standard after a month’s worth of theory absorbing
2. Do not technically meet the requirements, as i have never done a grade exam and cant read drumming charts.(although im not sure that i would need them)

I have done musical theatre before too, so im not completely lost on sheet music(at least basic stuff for vocals) and I can make a tune, I’m just worried about exactly how much my lack of theory will affect me if i choose to swap subjects for Music.
What do you think? Thanks in advance for anyone who replies.


  1. Girlie Electrics says:

    Why don’t you get hold of the theory books and teach yourself theory to say, Grade 5?
    Don’t forget that it’s a (relatively easy) way to boost UCAS points too,( taking it to Grade 6 & above)