Left handed guitarist…?

Do you think I should buy a right-handed guitar and play it upside down OR get a left-handed guitar? I’m getting lessons soon and was wondering which one would be best for me in the lessons and in the future. Thanks


  1. CĂ­ara. says:

    you could just get a right handed guitar and change the strings around.

  2. Effy Rae says:

    You definitely want to get a left-handed guitar. Alternatively you could buy a right-handed guitar and string it the wrong way, then play it as a left-handed guitar, but that’s time consuming and not really ideal when you could just buy a left-handed guitar.

  3. Frank says:

    I’ve done both, and both work. If you look at professional musicians, they also do both. I would suggeset playing a right-handed guitar upside down, that way you can play most guitars that you will find.

    The hardest part is inverting cord tabs in instruction books, but once you learn the chords, that won’t matter.

  4. Silly Girl says:

    I’m left handed and I play a right handed guitar. Not upside down, I just play the guitar right handed. I have always found that fretting requires more dexterity and coordination than strumming, so why not use my dominant hand for fretting?

  5. Ray says:

    You could go like Jimi Hendrix but its probably easier to just buy a left handed guitar.

  6. Maple Man says:

    This is a hotly debated subject, so expect a wide range of answers. I agree with Silly Girl’s answer: just get a standard (right handed) guitar and play it the standard (right handed) way. Guitar is a 2-handed instrument and neither of your hands is going to get a free ride. Your off-hand is going to get retrained so that it’s as capable as your other. In the early stages of learning, if your more dexterous left hand is forming the chords, you’ll actually be at an advantage playing a normal right hand guitar. BTW please don’t take offense when I say “normal”….I don’t mean to imply that being left handed is abnormal. I’m just saying that right or left handedness has nothing to do with how you play a guitar anymore than how you play a piano.

    Playing a right-hand guitar upside down is a bad choice. There are technical issues which make stringing it backwards more complicated than you think. If you don’t restring it….just flip it over….your high strings will be on top and the bass strings on the bottom. Either you’ll have to learn to strum and pick upside down or resign yourself to sounding different.

    Left handed guitars are available in limited selection. If you learn on one of those, you won’t be able to try out your friends guitars or demos at the store. Your choices in models will be limited. More importantly, if you ever decide to learn another stringed instrument, it will be much harder to find left hand models. Even though left hand guitars are fairly easy to find, left hand violins, mandolins, banjos, pedal steel guitars, sitars, etc are much more rare…or not available at all.

    I think the smartest thing for you to do is to read all the different answers here and hear the differing opinions. Armed with that information, go and talk with the teacher who will be giving you lessons.