Guitar Lessons: Learning Bass?

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Hey i wanna learn bass guitar, i played my uncles one a couple weeks back and loved it. How should I start, should i have lessons and borrow one of theres or buy a cheap one and learn at home/take it to the lessons???

Thxs :)

also if i buy a guitar which make is good as i dont wanna spend too much cos i gotta buy an amp too…


  1. listen68 says:

    Do you play anything else already? If yes, then maybe you can get a few basic songs going without lessons.

    Borrowing is always easier on the wallet.

  2. SpawnOfSpock says:

    You can teach yourself bass until you know that it is the instrument you want to play. You shouldn’t waste money on lessons if you aren’t sure you are going to stick to it. As for the guitar, go to a store and see what you can find. They often have great brands for cheap prices. For electric guitar you want a fender, but for acoustic guitar you want either an epiphone, a gibson, martin, or a taylor. Obviously for the good ones, you’re going to be paying alot more, but the price is well worth it for the sound. Some places will sell you a starter kit that comes with a fender guitar/bass, an amp, and the cords you will need. These are relatively cheap.

  3. biddelcastro says:

    Dude – yes bass is the way forward, if your uncle plays then i would get him to show you the basics (fingering, positioning etc), once youve got that down decide what you want to learn (songs, bands etc) then get the songs you want to learn of a tab website ( is the best one for basses i think) once you have learnt a few tunes and picked up the basics then you can move onto harder stuff (chilli peppers etc), if you are after a decent beginner bass then i would recommend ibanez they make some great cheap beginner basses that look and sound alright. Do this and in a few years youll be popping and slapping away it was the way i learnt and, hate to blow my own trumpet, im pretty f****ing good now. Good luck.

    PS, some of the starter packs look like good deals but the basses are often cheap fender knock offs that look and sound sh1t and also weigh a ton.

  4. evs says:

    Go to your local music shop and they will point you in the right direction. You really do not want to go spending loads on a bass yet. When I learnt to play I got a basic practice amp and a cheap guitar. Fenders can be a bit pricey, I wouldn’t get one for your first if I were you. I would start with an encore bass, they are very cheap to buy and if you get bored or don’t want to play anymore you have not wasted much money. Learn to play first. When you have done this I would recommend either Gibson or Ibanez, I have both and they sound great. Especially the Ibanez as it is fretless.

  5. ICH says:

    How old are you?

    If you are still growing beware getting a bass that is too heavy, as it can damage your spine.

    Ibanez and Aria do some excellent quality but light weight basses you should consider if you are a teenager or younger. The Aria IGB range are excellent value for money. Pick the one you are happy with price wise and you won’t go far wrong. learn the basics and put in plenty of practice. Then when you are ready to upgrade you can consider the Fender, Music Man, Gibson etc ranges and get a Bass that suits your playing style and the type of music you want to play.