Guitar Lessons: Help Learning Bass For A Newbie? Here is a good exercise in strumming some blues. You can use some gain, but be careful to not have too much gain and distortion, since you are going to be playing whole chords and a lot of strumming. The TAB also has indicators for Up and Down strokes – see the link below for the TAB and Guitar Pro 6 files. I am sure you will find this helpful. You can get the TAB and Guitar Pro files at Facebook Page: Enjoy the blues! Subscribe to my mailing list on and you will get FREE guitar lessons, every week for a whole year. Yep – ONE YEAR. How can you go wrong with that? You should also LIKE my Facebook Page (see link below in description).

i have been playing guitar for about a year and i have decided to learn a bit of bass as a side project.Does anyone know any good websites with lessons and information
Thanks in advance


  1. Eliza says:


    I’m not sure about the bass but this website gives away free guitar lessons.