Guitar Lessons: Are There Any Learner Guitarists In The Bristol (UK) Area With This Problem?

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I have been learning guitar for 18 months. After the first eight weeks of self tuition I performed at several open mike venues then I had four or five lessons. I have found that guitar teachers are often brilliant guitarists but not very good at teaching. I know a man who has been learning for 14 months and has had a lot of lessons at £23 per hour and he said his teacher don’t teach him much. I am more naturally musical than he and so I gave him a few tips and some guidance, he said he learnt more from me in that one session than in all the lessons he has had from his regular teacher. He then asked me to give him regular lessons which I am doing for £10 per hour. Does anyone want similar lessons from a reletively inexperienced guitarist who actually knows how to teach and get results?


  1. Vickezo says:

    love your picture.

  2. Cool Z says:

    sorry i don’t live in UK but i really appreciate that you help others for guitar.