Can you learn how to sing…?

I sing a lot around the house & in the shower etc. Once at school I sang as Danny from Grease in a performance… I can sing quite deep for fun, but in general, I’m really not a very good singer. I don’t have enough money to afford singing lessons and things but I’d really like to learn to sing. I play piano and guitar and I love to act on stage and things so it’d be a really useful thing to learn. Is it possible to learn to sing without spending heap loads of money on it?


  1. Tim says:

    There are exercises you can do, like singing scales for example. You can start with singing along with your piano/guitar, when that starts to go well, play only the root on your piano/guitar and sing the scale. There are probably also several good (free) lesson on the internet. A quick google search will bring up thousands of results, but it can be a pain to find good ones between all the BS.

    A teacher is still the best way to learn to sing or play any instrument. He can give you feedback and teach you techniques that are (more) difficult to teach online. I don’t know how much you’re willing to spend, but maybe you can find a private teacher within your budget?

    And like all things: the more you practice, the better you get. And try things which you’re not good at, instead of repeating what you already can.

  2. Jessica Mason says:

    You don’t need singing lessons you can learn on your own, they have songs on the internet that you can use to keep your pitches right. But all you have to do is keep working on it. Don’t worry about what other people say it only matters what you think. Singing will come naturally if you work at it. Yes, you can learn to sing!

  3. sOUNDZ says:

    …lots of famous singers today didn’t even got into s singing lesson when they reached stardom…what’s important is you must love what you’re doing and practice it a lot to be the best…if you really want to improve your can a find other ways wothout even spending a lot of money…just always do your best.. ^^