Guitar Lessons: Should I Learn To Play The Cello??

I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m interested in playing the cello. I currently play the bass guitar because its one of the less acclaimed rock instruments. I just moved to a new town, and in my old town I did take lessons for my bass. But i took them for about a year now, and i know everything i need to know, as i am a pretty good bassist. I want to take up a new challenge as i want to be a well rounded musician. I want to play a “rock” instrument as well as a classical instrument. I’ve always found cellos more interesting because of its low tone. I personally dont find guitars or pianos that exiting because everyone plays them! They’re so overused. I would like to know if this is a good choice for me, and how much would it cost a month to rent them. Im not going to ask how long it will take me to learn it because thats for you to know and for me to find out!:) Dont suggest the violin because i dont want to play it. Also, (i probably will) should i get lessons? i work horribly out of books, because i have always worked through another person. How long would i practice a day? thanks! P.S. can you cellists tell me anything else i need to know? Arigato!:D
Thanks for all the answers! I find cello is something I really want to do and I’m really up for it! 45 dollars doesn’t sound as much as my bass was (about 80 a month) hopefully the cost of lessons isn’t that much.
Thanks for all the answers! I find cello is something I really want to do and I’m really up for it! 45 dollars doesn’t sound as much as my bass was (about 80 a month) hopefully the cost of lessons isn’t that much.


  1. Kool says:

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  2. Ellie says:

    If you want, you could also play the contra_bass which is closer to bass guitar. I would suggest lessons, to become an adequate player. It’s hard to learn the proper positions,articulation, how to hold the bow, etc. I would suggest a rent to own plan, where you rent the instrument for several years and are eventually able to keep it. The cost will generally depend on where you live. You would need to practise for more then six hours a month, maybe thirty minutes or so a day when you begin.

  3. PQR Theorist says:

    Go for it! You’ll find the tuning similar so you shouldn’t need to practice more than 20-30 mins a day. The tuning is a 5th lower than on the bass which will make it easier for you when it comes time to learn tenor clef on the cello. You can also put a pickup on your cello and play through an amp so you can play in a band. Don’t know what rental costs but it shouldn’t break the bank. Definitely worth getting lessons.
    Good luck & enjoy!

  4. y.d says:

    I think you should go for the piano :) But if you really like how the cello sounds, then go for that!

  5. Emily Huang says:

    Bass guitars read music in bass clef, right? If that’s true, it’ll be a lot easier to read the music on the cello. You should get a private teacher to help you learn the correct forms of playing and such. I’ve never rented a cello before, but my friends said they’re about $ 45 a month. You should practice at least 45 minutes a day if you want to play decently.

  6. Rosie Besti says:

    GO FOR IT! cellos are pretty big. i suck at playing anything with stings that’s why i play piano. but i did play the cello for a 6months. depend on how you wanna play it. do you wanna pluck the strings or play it like a violin! so people played the cello for a long time and it sounds bad but others played and they sound amazing! their taught a different way that’s why! i suck at strings because i aways make that screeching sound which often happens with beginners. so it really depends on how your taught and how you play! but first you gotta see if you got that cellist player is really inside you. like if you play it and practice so hard for 2 months (or more) and you still suck at it, then the cello – isn’t for you! like if you cant get the notes wronge and you make so many mistakes on a simple song (like i did) for a really long, long time than – ya its not for you. you will have to practice as much as you can cause the more you do the better there’s no limit!
    Hope this help (proberbly didnt) 😀 LOL

  7. toutvas bien says:

    rental is (as previously stated) around $ 45 a month much of what learned on bass will help on the cello but you will need lessons … bowing can be a nightmare for some … there a few drawbacks to cello .. its size makes a bit unwieldy and you can’t wear short skirts while playing them … as far as practice goes 45 minutes of quality practice should do to start