Learn Acoustic Guitar: Want To Learn Play Acoustic Guitar?

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hey i want to start learning to play guitar i have never played guitar before so i am totally a beginner..

what type of acoustic guitar should i buy?
any recommended easy book to learn from?


  1. Followspot says:

    Visit your musical instrument shop and try out some guitars. It’s not the easiest instrument to learn and no-one has ever finished learning all that can be done on this ‘portable’ piano.
    Have lessons and most of all listen to all music that features guitar.

  2. Moogy says:

    buy the cheapest one you can. If you don’t like it, then you haven’t lost a lot / can sell it without loosing too much. As for books etc, get a beginners one that shows you the chords etc, teaches you tabs, then download tabs for songs you know. that way, you know how it should sound, and you know what you are aiming for

  3. nemesis114 says:

    I’d go for a Yamaha – you can get a decent one for £100 or just below.

    Then get a chord chart or chord book. A book with some songs by your favourite band(s) would be best because you would be familiar with how the song should sound. Also try to sing along, it’ll be more fun and you can mask your mistakes!

    I’d also get an electronic tuner – you can get one for under £10. That way you can tune the flippin’ thing as nothing sounds worse than a guitar that’s tuned badly.

    Don’t spend a ton of cash on the first guitar as you will do one of two things – 1) love playing and eventually want a better guitar or 2) hate it and think “why did I spend all that money?”

    My real tip though is enjoy learning. Practice a lot but not so much that you get to hate it.

  4. John says:

    Get a Yamaha acoustic FOR SURE. Trust me, you can get a 200 dollar Yamaha that sound better than most 2,000 dollar guitars and they’re all made in Japan I think so they’re really good.

    Get a 200-300 dollar Yamaha and just look ofr lessons on Youtube, there’re tons of them.