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hey, so today I bout an acoustic guitar in a thrift store. I can’t read music and this is my 1st instrument! Ahh >< So I’m gonna teach myself to read music first but I’m really confused by the tabs? Do I need to learn the normal notes? or are they different for guitars? Oh and do I need a pick or can I just pluck? haha I think Ill be ok once I get that sorted lol Thanx X


  1. Miranda C says:

    go on this site, it’s a little patronising but it could help.

    if you have long nails you should trim them- makes holding the strings down a lot easier. get a plectrum and strum first of all, just try placing your fingers on different strings. then go on sites like this: or and start learning some chords/songs.
    tabs are easy to read after a while, they just show which finger to place where on the neck. it takes ages to get good at guitar, so you need to be really, really patient and try not to get frustrated!

    good luck!

  2. Ich bin ein berliner! says:

    Tablature is the same for all guitars, so if you can read it you’re good. You can learn sheet music if you want, it’s not necessary but it can help broaden your abilities.
    And it doesn’t matter if you use a pick or pluck, it’s all up to you. I tend to not use a pick with an acoustic unless I need a lot of strumming (which does bother my fingers after awhile) and I use a pic for electrics because the thinner strings hurt more.