Cheap Acoustic Guitar: I Want To Learn Guitar Should I Start With Acoustic Or Electric?

Interesting interpretation of the song by Dylan. I don’t actually know this song too well (hence why I didn’t attempt Dylan’s vocals *exactly* as they are on his record) and I recorded the finger picking in a few minutes with little rehersal or re-trying. Hopefully this gets across a little “roughness” which the songs deserves though. It’s the usual Dylan nonsense with his wide ranging vocals, which plays havoc with me when I sing :) ! Also I’m sorry for the poor guitar quality at some points. I use a relatively cheap microphone (actually it’s on a webcam) which doesn’t pick up some of the hammer-ons/pull-offs on the guitar too well. Thanks Chris

i want something to do over the summer and ive wanted to learn how to play the guitar for a long time and also could you recommend me a guitar something pretty cheap