i want to learn guitar…?

is it to hard to teach yourself ?
or should i book some kind of lessons ?


  1. Leann H says:

    it isn’t hard to teach yourself but i recommend a book with a disk that shows you basics or internet videos

  2. Liam J says:

    Guitar 911 tabs help alot, it’s what i use.

  3. Kelly says:

    have a look on youtube videos teaching you how to, theyre alot of help, im trying to learn the piano and looked on youtube, i think the guitar is easier that the piano, but you may need a few lessons still, depends on how quick you learn and how much you understand.

  4. Mr Flibble says:

    Buy some Chord and song books. I taught myself basic chords, then scales, then full compositions. Guitar takes a while to learn. When you first start, the tips of your fingers will blister and sting.. but after a while they harden up and you will be able to play for hours.
    Do not use a plectrum/pick… learn to use your fingers.
    Experiment with rythm, plucking and of course, learn how to tune the guitar by ear.

    Learning by yourself is very doable, if you have patience. Will save you money as well.

  5. Josh "Snoozer" Rand says:

    If you don’t have amazing ears forget it, you can not learn music using books.

  6. Helena says:

    I bought a book off of the internet and was really dedicated and picked it up reallly fast, but it depends on the amount of patience you have.