Guitar Chords: How To Learn Fingerstyle On Guitar :)?

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Hiya, my last question asked if i should learn fingerstyle or strumming. After reading all your answers i decided fingerstyle felt and sounded best for me :). Now i’m wondering how i would learn fingerstyle.
I’m hoping to be self taught (yes, i know, asking you guys isn’t SELF taught :P) so i’m really confused about how to start. Are there any videos on how to start? Are the chords any different? I’m super confused! 😀
Also could you guys give me an order on which learn things? Thanks!


  1. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    You are much, much better off with a teacher who’s a professional guitarist but if you insist on self-teaching, Elderly as 194 different instructional videos on fingerstyle guitar:

  2. Mr_R_Swipe says:

    Fingerstyle, or ‘picking’ as it’s usually known… is not distinct from strumming. If you are going to learn to play the guitar, you will need to do both. No, the chords are not different, though as you practice more and become more proficient… you may start using ‘part-chords’ and frameworks instead of full chords.

    Unless you are seeking to play ‘classical’ guitar… all guitarists start with learning to play chords, and you will need to learn to play them accurately and quickly before you can even begin to think about ‘picking’ or any other variation of style.

    There are no short-cuts. If you put in the time and effort, you will learn the skills.

  3. Nique says:

    Go to YouTube.

  4. Tony B says:

    Firstly, I’ve never heard finger style referred to as “picking”.

    I don’t know what you can already do, but you need to learn basic chords first – just strum them with your thumb until you can play some sequences reasonably fluently. Until then, there is nothing to finger pick. Then you need to develop your finger picking and decide what style you want to learn, claw hammer, simple accompaniment, classical style etc. etc. to explain how to finger pick here would be very difficult. A teacher would be ideal. Failing that get a book on finger picking or look for some videos on the net. Take care though, there is a lot of rubbish out there.