Guitar Lessons: Too Late To Start Playing New Instruments?

I’m 14, and recently I’ve been more into music, and made a list of instruments I want to learn to play by college. I plan to learn to play piano, guitar, violin, and ukulele. The thing is, there is no way I can pay for lessons; let alone make time for them. I was going to teach myself online but many people advise to get lessons or I’d never be as good as people who do. Also, even if I do spend 2 or 3 hours everyday on practicing, I could never catch up with people who started when they were age 3 or 4. Not only that, I heard that teaching yourself to play violin is pretty much impossible, since you need someone to point out what you’re doing wrong and to get the right techniques. Although the same could be said for every instrument. So I don’t really know if I should pick up that many instruments at once. Or maybe get lessons when I’m in college. But I might not be as good if I had started now.


  1. Matt says:

    Its never too late in my eyes :). I’m self taught on the guitar and I’m not that bad if i say so myself… I was once told by a friend… its better to practice about 20 minutes a day rather than 2 hours or so… short bursts of learning help to remember and store it in your memory… and you will be playing those chords in no time 😉 And I will say… stick with one instrument at a time… much less complicated then :) Just take your time… all the greatest musicians never knew how to play in the beginning :)

  2. Slava Vaitsenak says:

    Honestly, I think guitar would be the best choice because it is the best for self teaching. Btw, it’s never too late. Just think about it, you want to start an instrument now but you think its too late so you don’t. Then ten years later when you’re only 24 years old you’ll ask “why didn’t I start guitar 10 years ago? I could have been amazing by now.”
    There is a point in guitar where almost everyone “levels out”, meaning you learn all of the important stuff there is to know, you got skills, now all there is is to play and develope your own style. At this point, you’re no worse or better than an experienced 40 year old unless if you lack a certain fundamental skill. So there’s no worry about catching up to people. Once you know guitar, you automatically know ukulele, just 2 less strings now how’s that!
    Piano is kinda a tough one to teach yourself but it’s not impossible, I’m sure all of those amazing pros like back and Mozart and Beethoven didn’t take lessons. But then again idk. Violin is the toughest one yet the easiest at the same time. For violin it’s all about technique. But once you have technique down and you know where the notes are, you can just think up a song and find how to play it. For guitar though, you NEED to know the scales for anything amazing to happen. No big deal though. And don’t forget, it’s NEVER TOO LATE. You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start 10 years ago 10 years from now so choose your favorites. I recommend guitar as it knocks out that and ukulele. If you do, look up the MODES, most important scales ever, pentatonics, vital to soloing, and bar chords and open chords. Bam you’re good to go. Good luck!