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I’m 18 an I’m at university. I have lots of responsibilities and I commute so I don’t have too much time. But it has always been a dream to learn an instrument.

I’m really bad at music (in my opinion). I used to take piano lessons when I was small but ti didn’t last more than 1-3 years (I can’t remember). I left it because everyone else was leaving the lessons so I thought it would be ‘cool’. I regret that!
I started on/off piano lessons when I was 15. It’s been about 6 months since I’ve had a piano lesson. My keyboard at home is really old and not touch sensitive and it doesn’t have space for pedals so I get discouraged from practising because I can never put any emotion when I’m practising (no accent).

I’ve recently picked up the guitar and I’ve had 1 lesson. Still, I really enjoy it. Probably because it’s really cheap – in that I don’t have to buy another guitar for £1000+ (as I don’t have any money).

My ultimate dream is to be a good musician. I’d love to be able to compose music and maybe even write my own musical (I have the story already!). I wouldn’t mind giving lessons either, it’ll be fun – I think.

I don’t want to be famous nor do I see myself as a fulltime musician. My plan to get goodish at the guitar (about 3 years?) then invest in a piano and have both guitar and piano lessons.

Everyone seems to think I’m wasting my time and money. They say that I’ll never be good enough. What do you guys think? Is it an achievable goal or am I just dreaming?
I ask this because all my favourite musicians started really early. The latest one started when he was 14/15.


  1. Dilligaf says:

    Don’t put it off any longer. the sooner you start the sooner you will achieve your aims.
    It is never too late to start, especially at the tender age of 18, you have a whole lifetime of music ahead of you.

  2. Cheryl says:

    of course it is an achievable goal.