Guitar Lessons: Is It Too Late For Me To Become Famous? PLEASE HELP!?

Hello! My names Charlie (Girl), I’m 13 years old.
I have a passion for music,
My grandma is a singing and piano teacher, but i used to be extremely shy,
i never have done singing lessons, but I’ve had on and off piano lessons and i am taking my piano grade this march.
i started guitar last year, around November. my guitar teacher was impressed with how quickly i was learning and said that i was ”musically gifted”. when he asked me to sing along with the music, he said (after my face was beetroot with embaressment!) that i was in tune and had a natural voice.
ever since i stopped from my awful teenage mood swings and tantrums, i love music.
i know, your going to say ”teenage girl written all over” when i say this, but today, i went to see the Never Say Never – Justin Bieber film. (i used to hate him, and only went there because my friends wanted to) and i realized, that HE was living my dream. I wanted to be doing, what he is doing.
But i realized, how he started from such an early age, learning instruments etc. and through out the film, i thought. thats what i want to do, thinking, am i good enough?
i came home, and picked up my guitar and started singing along to Elton johns – your song,
still wondering if i could be what Justin Bieber is. (this isn’t the first time i have felt this way, my dad takes me to concerts such as Lady GaGa, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Pixie Lott, Katy Perry etc, and Ive always thought… thats it!
At school, in Spanish, when we are told to describe what we want to be when we are older. i think, i cant write it down! because, there are many bullies at school. and when the teacher picks on me to read it out, I’m not going to hear the last of it!
i went to mum when i came back – I’m awful at guitar, trying to hold back the tears because i really know its too late.
and she goes no your not, don’t be stupid!
then i say, mum – what can i be when I’m older? and she goes, well that is up to you. whatever you want to be. i say, what like though? ideas like entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, nurses, come out of her mouth. i have no interest in that!
so i say, what about the music business? like, composing music, or something?
and she laughs, and says if you started earlier maybe.
i am trying to hold back the tears now, i didn’t realize how bad i wanted this dream.
please, pretty please. can someone tell me what to do? because my brain isn’t functioning properly at the minute, and I’m stuck :'(
thanks for your guys help, i really appreciate it!


  1. Farshad says:

    Ask Lady Gaga…..Became famouse almost so fast…:))))

  2. Hope says:

    What you should do is keep studying music, take guitar lessors, maybe voice lessons. Get involved in music at your high school – join the choir, or something – and just keep playing music. Lessons your really need, though, and you should especially learn music theory.

    If you practice a lot through high school, and work really hard, you could get into a music school, like at a university, and go from there. But my best advice is to just work at it, play a lot, take lessons, learn as much as you can, become as good as you can, and you’ll get there eventually. You’re only thirteen! Don’t give up yet.

  3. you'dwonder. says:

    Nope, it really isn’t to late.
    There are a lot of musicians who are famous now, who started when they were 15,16,17.
    you just need to work hard.