Best Acoustic Guitar: What Kind Of Guitar Should I Buy First? Electric Or Acoustic?

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i want the electric more, because of the silent practise..but what dou you think?


  1. Altiar says:

    acoustic its better for learners

  2. steve says:

    Learn Acoustic first and then move to Electric later once you get the hang of it. Going to electric first is not always the best way to go if you are serious about learning. If you just want to pose with noise then just get Electric and crank it all the way up to 11, :)

  3. Adam Rigby says:

    I would suggest an acoustic, maybe a small classical. depends on how long you’ve been playing. If your just starting out then get an acoustic, you don’t have to play loudly. if you’ve been playing a while then get an electric and if you wanted to play REALLY quiet then just go through headphones.