Guitar Lessons: What Job Should I Do When I Am Older?? X?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what I could do when I am older!
I am currently taking my GCSES- English Language, English Literature, Maths, Dual Science, French, Spanish, Music and Drama!
I love singing and performing arts but I will never be good enough to perform professionally!
I don’t really want to become a teacher! I also play violin, piano, have singing lessons and I am teaching myself guitar!
Does anyone have any ideas??
Thank you in advance! xx


  1. hortonds says:

    Well, I wanted to be an Inventor (at 6) a projectionist (at 10) and a musician (at 13)

    Now, I do all of those and more.

    Best to keep your hobbies active, and push doors to see which ones open.
    Although it’s nice to have goals, it’s often better when the time comes to go for jobs that fit in with what you like doing.

    oh .. and when I was 15, I thought I had a really bad singing voice (cos I heard myself), now I get paid to sing in a couple of Duos, 4 piece band and karaoke hosting.

  2. Pedro Sled says:

    Be a post officer. Postman Pat seems pretty happy with his job!