Guitar Lessons: Job Ideas Help???? Thanks!?

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hey guys im 18 years old and i really need a bit of money to go on holiday with my girlfriend. but the only thing is i really dont like working! i would much rather work from home or something i need some ideas like things i could maybe set up? i am really good at music i play bass and guitar and study music at college so i was thinking guitar and bass lessons? i am also quite good at MIDI instruments like electronic music? and have wrote quite a lot of songs so im open to any ideas! thanks!


  1. Jason says:

    In good at writing software

    Try that

  2. NathanPMI says:

    James, don’t get a job working for someone else. It will be weeks before you get paid. I like you’re idea of working from home. There are tons of great online businesses that you can run with no money invested to get started. Have you looked into sites like or or

  3. Kimberly says:

    If you want to make extra money then I would sign up for CashCrate. You can make a lot if you refer friends and family members and all you do is complete easy surveys and offers. has more information

  4. Mark says:

    Hello James,

    Giving guitar and/or bass lessons is a great way to make extra money.

    Many people take private lessons. And how much should you charge, you ask?

    Paid lessons – “Average lesson price: The average cost of guitar lessons, according to this sample, is approximately $ 20 per half hour and $ 40 per hour. The cheapest guitar lessons were $ 12 for a half hour session, and the most expensive guitar lessons were $ 65 per hour.”
    Source: (This link is now broken, however it appeared to be a reliable source at the time).

    Best of luck in giving guitar and/or bass lessons!