Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know Any Jazz Songs/pieces That Have Parts Only For Flute, Bass And Guitar?


  1. ? says:


  2. Allan P says:

    Pretty much any song. I suggest that you get a ‘guitar/piano’ music book. The guitar can follow the chord symbols, the flute can follow the melody (you may need to transpose up an octave to aviod notes below middle ‘C’. The bass can either use the guitar churds for guidance of if you have a full piano score then try the lowest note in the bass stave. Remember for Jazz, enjoy, use the tune as a guide and improvise. The above should aloow this. Above all, have fun.

  3. nicolas R says:

    If you are looking for flute… you should try any Dave Valentin’s song…for bass… Marcus Miller’s…for guitar… I recommend George Benson.