I’ve wasted my summer? ?

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Im 13 and currently trying to recover from anorexia. I signed up for the basketball camp that i go to every year and its starting tommorow. Change of plans, the doctor said im too weak to go. To do any sports actually! I can’t go to cross country meets, camp, nothing! This is the summer where im going into highschool! Im not gonna be prepared at all :/ What can I do? I feel like such a failure because I let my stupid mental problem get in the way of my goals and dreams. I have literally nothing. I take hindi lessons online. But that gets boring :/ I have a guitar, so im gonna try to learn it! But what else can i do? I don’t want to feel like a failure by the time summer ends.


  1. Alice says:

    Your not a flair, you have to stay strong for when you get better. I don’t know much about anorexia, but I’m sure if you stay on your meal plan, or anything you have been given to help you recover, I’m sure you will notice a massive improvement for your new school. You just to keep your head up and your heart strong, you will make it x

  2. Kendal Denny says:

    U can go vollenter at a animal shelter or homeless shelter or library or u can do what i do and go down to the beach or go shopping:)

  3. KB says:

    You are not a failure.You just need to focus on getting healthy so you can achieve your dreams and goals.Arts and craft? Learn a new language?