I’ve been teaching myself a song on my guitar…?

Learn to play ukulele in less than 10 minutes

I can play all the chords well , play in time etc etc. The only trouble is I can’t seem to play and sing at the same time . Is this a common problem and how do I get through it .


  1. Munch454 says:

    I have the same problem all the time, i still have it now, the way you have to practice is, learn the song so well that you can play it without even thinking about it, so then you can focus on the singing, it is difficult though, i still struggle haha

  2. Landon says:

    Here’s a little something I learned about playing rhythm guitar while singing, you have to choose your own rhythm! What I mean is that everybody has their own rhythm, and while it’s true that you if you play somebody elses song enough times you’ll be able to play it without thinking about it, it’s going to take some work. There are 2 types of guitar players, melody and rhythm. It’s possible you’re better at playing the melody and are simply more right brained, like I am. That doesn’t mean you can’t play rhythm, it just means somebody elses rhythm will be more challenging because it requires your left brain to process it, whereas if you simply create your own rhythm you’ll realize that everything just feels more natural.
    Or you could just keep practicing.
    Personally I hate doing covers because I’m wasting time to learn somebody else’s song, somebody else’s message, and sing it somebody else’s way. But some covers are just crowd pleasers, there’s no way around that, it gets the people warmed up.
    But also remember this, people are idiots.
    So don’t waste too much time learning what they want you to learn.

    Carry on.