I’ve lost direction with my music…any ideas?

It’s not that I’ve lost my muse particularly, but I’m not really sure what I’m doing musically.

I’ve been a singer all my life (without professionally training) of many different things, currently enjoy Rock music and play a bit of guitar (mostly chords).

I was planning on starting a band with my friends but it’s been put on hold because we’re all doing our exams. Although, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to start it up in the summer like I’d hoped. We had some really amazing plans, but a lot of disorganisation and inexperience also. It would be nice to do it, but I doubt we will because we’re all so busy and find it hard to get together.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with music on my own. I’ve already written a ton of lyrics and a little bit of composition for a couple of songs. However, I know at present I don’t have the skill to compose songs on my own (I was hoping the other members would assist).

I’ve more and more been considering becoming a solo artist although this has a ton of pros and cons and if I’m honest I’d prefer to do it with my band, although that will be hard.

We’ve more or less decided to leave it til the summer and take it casually, but I’m pretty impatient and am wondering if it will actually go anywhere. I’m just creatively agitated at the moment and am not sure where I’m going with my music.

Can anyone give me some suggestions to alleviate this aggrevation?

(Sorry, it’s a bit of a broad question).

Cheers. xD


  1. Wicked says:

    dont give it up if that is what u really enjoy doing. when ur not busy gather up with the other members and do ur music. the best thing to do would be to wait til summer wen none of u r busy. if that doesnt work out ud be better off goin solo.