Isn’t it about time we had a scientific method of determining who is the most awesome guitarist?

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Okay this is a serious question so please, give it some thought before telling me a lot of stuff I don’t want to know.

Most young men play the electric guitar at some point in their lives and this activity is usually related to “hero worship” for a particular guitar player, or style of playing. It’s a normal part of growing up.

I do notice there is a game called “guitar hero” nowadays and this has got me to thinking. surely we now have the technology to compare – in a SCIENTIFIC manner- the relative skills of , say, SRV versus Jerry Garcia, Santana versus Satriani, etc etc.

This would eliminate any uncertainty from people’ s minds for ever more. For instance I saw a video on Youtube called “Steve Vai versus Ry Cooder” which did seem strange to me as they play very different styles., Yet only one of them can be the most awesome, they can’t BOTH be the most awesome surely?


  1. His Nibs says:

    It’s a pity your theory has nothing whatever to do with music.
    Andres Segovia was a far superior musician to anyone you have mentioned.

    You are right however to associate this sort of guitar ‘playing’ with fantasy. The ‘rock’ player often uses the guitar neck as a phallus. It is a teenage boys game.

  2. TheAlchymist says:

    It is already difficult if you compare artists who create great works, paintings, novels, music … The decision is very personal. If you will do it with science, try Rembrandt vs Kandinsky, what are the criteria?
    If you will compare interprets like actors or musicians its the same. You can compare their technical abilities, but even that is subjective in a certain manner, you will compare the interpretation as well. For me Jimmy Hendrix was one of the best guitarists and I haven’t found anybody yet who equals him in the Rock history.
    Andre Segovia was the greatest classical guitarist.
    And don’t forget the Flamenco guitarists, there were great names too.

    Somebody told me that is was scientifically proven that a music piece from Schoenberg was the greatest ever composed. It can’t be the greatest, because its not my type of music – you see?

  3. PUNTER says:

    i have yet to hear a guitarist that is great at all music.there are great guitarists in each area ,but in all, no.

  4. INlovewithseth says:

    not really!