Is there anything more irritating …?

HAPI Drum from Special edition custom painted and tuned to the Akebono scale in the key of E. The Akebono scale is a traditional five-note Japanese musical scale. In a Western context, it can be thought of as a pentatonic version of the Aeolian mode, and can also be used in many different styles of music. It is also one of the favorite scales of Hang Drum players. No effects or other instruments, just a pure Hapi demo with a touch of reverb. In this demo, aside from playing the normal tones, I’m playing around tapping it soft for nice pure tones and also hard, for more edgy metallic sounds and percussive effects. The unique tone of the HAPI (hand activated percussion instrument) is created by a tuned vibrating steel tongue. The concept is similar to a wooden tongue drum. When a tongue is quickly and lightly struck with the finger or mallet it vibrates creating sound waves. We have added dampening of the notes and drum body to keep the drum from becoming discordant and “ringy”. This technique is built into each drum and provides excellent resonance while supplying the correct amount of dampening. By placing low notes next to the appropriate higher notes we achieve multiple harmonics. Their vibrations create desirable overtones which compliment the timbre of the tone. Players of the Hang, Tank, Hank, and Tongue Drums will enjoy playing a HAPI. Thanks for watching! Hapi Drum plated by John Pascuzzi

… than a 15-year-ol boy playing the same guitar riff in his bedroom over and over and over and over again and getting the same bloody note wrong every time?



  1. Buddy says:

    Nope lol

  2. mojo jojo says:

    LOL I can relate
    my son’s room is right under mine

  3. bowsgirl1 says:

    that would rate in my top ten list

  4. always confused says:

    that would drive me crazy, but you should help him get it right, cause practice makes perfect.

  5. MikeSnake says:

    You must be my neighbor. I’m 27 by the way!

  6. *Little Miss Sunshine* says:

    Yes, being the guitar.

  7. tfoley5000 says:

    It can be annoying but its not, you must understand that he is trying to get the Music Notes Right.

  8. emo_chick :( says:

    not really

  9. Sailor Clint Eastwood says:

    Hah, is that what your doing right now or something?

  10. ™✂I Run With Scissors✂™ says:

    haha dont think so

  11. chelsea says:

    umm idk

  12. I'm so damn cool it hurts! says:

    YES ! people talking while your trying to watch a movie!!!

  13. ktray1275 says:

    yes you havent met one of my co-workers

  14. carr51 says:

    Yep my husband farting and burping on the sofa!! LOL!

  15. davidjriley98 says:

    the person whining about it?

  16. imaginethat says:

    the only thing i can think of worse is fingernails across the blackboard

  17. Lemony Lickit says:

    Yeah..”Am I pretty” questions on Y!A.

  18. DEVIL says:

    No. The most irritating thing is people on Y!A asking to download movies. Don’t worry, I tell them where to stick it.

  19. ♥R.S♥ says:

    yea, the sound of someone munching is even worse!

  20. Sexy Mama says:

    yes, my 2 yr old son when he whines and nails on a chalkboard

  21. twilight wolf says:

    wow, do you have a brother or something? Well, I can’t properly answer your question since I tend to do what the boy does….but I’m often told that I suck and that I should get a life. 😉

  22. Martyn J says:

    oooooh that’s bad, you have my sympathy.

  23. euriese f says:


  24. Racey says:

    my daughter playing violin – shes only had it for 3 weeks and even the dog whines when shes practicing

  25. keeperofusedshadows says:

    Aw, give him a break. I remember wondering why there were holes chewed in all the furniture after I’d been in my room practicing my trumpet or french horn when I was growing up. Since my daughter got a keyboard, I understand now.