Guitar Notes: Could You Be An IPhone Musician?

(CNN) — Often in the middle of the night, while his wife sleeps beside him, John Sheridan picks up his iPhone from the nightstand and shakes the device like it was a conductor’s wand on fire.

Sometimes he goes on like this for more than an hour at a time. There’s a point to this midnight madness, though.

By day, Sheridan is a 53-year-old real-estate agent in Florida. But by night, he’s an iPhone musician.

In the past few months, he has used his phone to record and upload at least 30 songs to the Web using an iPhone application called ZOOZbeat, which helps anyone — regardless of musical talent or lack thereof — create songs by selecting instruments from a list and then waving his or her phone around.

A quick flick of the wrist produces a high note. A gentler movement belches out a lower tone. The app loops the sounds and lets users edit their tracks on the fly or afterwards.
Sheridan said he wears headphones while he’s jamming, so as not to wake his wife.One bizarre application, called Ocarina, even lets people create flute sounds by blowing into their phone’s built-in microphone while touching the screen to select various notes.
The smartphones have their technical limits, of course, and the idea isn’t to fully replace real-world guitars and drum kits. But the phones do offer a lightweight alternative to heavy tour gear, and they have a novelty appeal for some musicians and music fans.


  1. Kev ~ a Jock, not a Jerk. says:

    Own an Apple iphone? Feeling smug, and want to pose like a complete numpty?
    There’s an app for that…

    As you can probably tell, I hate the idea of that.

    Edit: lol! Not you Skidoo! The poseurs who wave their iPhones around like it’s the best thing in the world and start most sentences with “Well, with my iPhone you can…”

  2. Hypocrite - Naughty Step says:

    His poor wife! Imagine sleeping next to somebody who’s waving their arms about. I bet he was actually looking at internet porn and came up with this as a good cover for why his arm was thumping up and down.

    I don’t have an iPhone, so that’s me stumped.

  3. Skidoo says:

    Actually, one of the first apps I downloaded when I got my iPhone was the ukulele application! You can strum it just like a real ukulele, but it doesn’t have to be re-tuned every 5 minutes.

    Even so, the real one sounds better.

    EDIT – I guess I must be a smug numpty ‘cos I downloaded the lite version of Zoozbeat and it’s a giggle…

    EDIT 2 – which makes me wonder why some bloke called John Sheridan makes a news item – where’s mine?

    EDIT 3 – is it so bad to enjoy having a device – undreamed of when I was a kid – that allows you to listen to music, take photos, look up stuff, keep up with the news, make phone calls and send emails to freinds…?

    I can honestly say it hasn’t made me want to hang out in Hoxton – besides which – Hoxton is so last century ;o)