Guitar Notes: Invisible Around Family?

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I am the youngest of 3 and or about a year or more now i have felt invisible to my family. My older sister had started singing a year ago (A great passoin of mine that the whole family had known about) and the entire family noted her on her new hobby. Then, she started getting really good and i felt a bit shaddowed because i thought she was better than me. So instead i took up dancing and guitar. I still felt a bit annoyed and okay jealous that she was always the one everyone in my family talked about but i shrugged it off thinking that it would change in time. But then she started dancing and i got a bit peeved. I told my mum that i felt shaddowed and that no one ever talks about me and if they talk to me its always about her. Every conversation, every occassoin even if it is a day for me she is always brought up and talked about. Its depressing me and im feeling invisible. And today my sister came up to my room when i was on my guitar and said ” Guess what? I’m gonna learn the guitar!” !!!! I couldnt hide my anger and i said that she shouldnt and that she should play another instrument but she got all defensive and wouldnt back down. I feel so invisible and have done for a long time that im feeling really depressed. I know sibling rivalry is common n all but its really just getting to the point where she is taking all of my characteristics and im being left in the corner…

What should i do because her learning to play the guitar is a breaking point for me :( Or am i being oversensitive because i can be im told. and how can i get my family members to remember me?


  1. Tiffy says:

    That must seriously suck… I’m the middle child . So it isn’t either for me cause my big brother get what he wants and my little brother gets the most attention.. I get none, but I don’t care.. But what your sister is doing is so mean.. Like seriously , what else is she trying to do. If I were you, I would feel so frustrated.. But she’s the first born.
    You can’t change that, but your just as talented and smart as she is. She wants to copy you, fine. Put your time into and be amazing and be all that u can be . Don’t let her bother you. It’s not a competition to see whose the most talented.. Just do what you love, don’t move on to something else cause she copied you. Be you, talk to your sister because you’d never know.. She could be jealous of you.. Only God knows.. But, at the end of the day.. Your a family, and as for me.. I guess I just learned something aswell.. No matter how angry you get at the end of the day, it’ll get better. It won’t rain forever, I promise.

  2. Hyderabad C says:

    My sister used to feel that way – It took a long time for me to get it because I felt “you can’t corner the market on xyz. That’s not reasonable.”

    It’s great that you actually told your family. That matters. You might have to seek recognition outside your home. Not sure why the dynamic is the way it is but sometimes it’s a habit or rut that others can’t get themselves out of.

    Continue singing, dancing and playing guitar. Even if she plays guitar, you can learn more types of music than her: Rock, blues, classical, spanish.

    Even if she dances, you can learn more types of dance than she does. Same with singing. There is definitely room for both of you. And you have the advantage if you start first and she follows after.

    Get into a band, join competitions. There are ways to create your own world there so you two have separate spaces even if you have similar pursuits.