Guitar Lessons: Should I Take Up Another Instrument? If Yes, What Would You Recommend?

I’m 14 and about a year ago I listened to a recording of James Galway playing the flute. I nagged and nagged at my parents to let me try having lessons.

Six months ago I succeeded and they booked them. So I’ve been having lessons since then, once a fortnight. A couple of weeks ago I took my grade 3 exam and got 91% and distinction :)

I heard a friend playing piano, and as it was my birthday a week or two ago, asked for lessons from my parents as my main present. I’ve had two and now I’m playing grade 1 and working towards taking grade 2 in spring.

I absolutely LOVE playing both instruments immensely. I’ve had singing lessons for two years but never enjoyed it as much.

I’ve just given up singing lessons. I’ve learnt how to sing and am not progressing. Now I’m wondering if in about a year or less, I could take up a different instrument. My parents said it should be ok, I’ve offered to do lots of chores around the house to earn it. Flute and piano are both very common instruments, and I wanted to try my hand at a couple of others.

Although it’s another common one, I love the sound of lots of strings playing together, and wondered about that.

Any ideas for any other instruments? Preferably an orchestra instrument. I’m not a big fan of saxophone, guitar or drums.
Oh, my tone on the flute is pretty good. I once played to my music teacher and she thought I was grade 5 or 6 and had been playing for 5 years. I’ve mastered vibrato too.


  1. Shannon C says:

    I play violin.

    Or play guitar.

  2. superspiderman12152 says:

    hey dude.

    I’m 19. I love music. Since I was 12 i’ve started plying instruments
    and now, i can play
    acoustic, electric, bass, drums and a sly bit of piano when im alone haha!!

    never do instruemnts half assed. learn them to the death and experiment before you move on. and dont let the old instruments collect dust !! or else !!

  3. Jonathon R says:

    how about playing the guitar or maybe the harmonica or maybe even drums.

  4. thecodman1 says:

    In woodwind section, in the orchestra, the clarinet is one of the most useful instruments.
    You ever considered it?

  5. ashcan1993 says:

    I would say the saxophone I have always wanted to play that. I play the flute also, I’m not as good though. I don’t take lessons anymore.

  6. steve f says:

    Well done!!!!
    I wish there were more 14 yr olds like you who are prepared to learn something artistic and spend your time practising musical instruments and doing something constructive rather than being destructive and generally being a pest to society. Hats off to you!!
    You say you like the sound of strings…then why not go for the violin or even something more unusual like the harp. Both orchestral instruments with a beautiful sound. If you like the piano and are good at it, you’ll probably take to the harp as well. Good luck with whatever you go for.

  7. Psycho says:

    Cello! An absolutely beautiful instrument!

  8. Horses for life says:

    Hey, I play the piano and the violin pretty well and I am working on learning the Cello, I can also play the clarinet.
    I would recomend that you listen to some songs that the instrument that you want to play plays in. That way you can really decide if you want to take the time and the money to learn the instrument.
    If you want to play a string instument than I would recomend the Violin, is has a lot of versatality. You could also play the clarinet which is actually pretty easy, my sister plays the flute and the piano and she likes the clarinet so this might be a good instrument for you to try to play,

  9. BILL ALBERTO says:

    Both of Thes instruments will keep you very busy.So I wouldn’t try any more just now.You have years on your side and theirs more than enough for you do with the piano, and as this is the main instrument if you end up going to a music collage you will find you have done well.