Guitar Lessons: HELP: Which Instrument Should I Learn? Here’s a lesson for 2 short blues guitar licks. These work great over a slow blues. This example is played in the key of E. Full TAB in PDF and Guitar Pro files are available from I used a Hagstrom Viking through a Marshall Class5 for this demo. Reverb was a blueSky Reverbator from Facebook Page


I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument skilfully.

The only instrument that I mastered straight away and found easy was Drum-Kit, my teacher told me I am talented and have good coordination and a good music-ear.
I love playing the drums and I know it’s perfect for me but I can’t buy it as it takes too much space and too expensive.

I want to play a different instrument that I can be able to buy and practice in my own time! Also one that is possible to teach yourself how to play it as I can’t afford lessons.
I have bought a keyboard before but as I didn’t know how to play it, I got bored with it and returned it. I guess I should have kept it and learnt from YouTube videos or something ^_^”

In school, everyone knew how to play the guitar so the teacher taught our class songs but I hardly knew the chords so I was totally lost and clueless. If maybe I knew more about the basics then I would be good at guitar..

I have no experience with musical notes or whatever and cannot read music..
But I really believe that I am able to play an instrument.

I’m not sure what instrument to learn. Advice?

Sorry for being so long and boring but I will truly appreciate your help.


  1. Zarn says:

    Try a Theremin. You can even build one yourself with very cheap parts.

  2. Hannah Smith . says:
  3. unknown227 says:

    Get a instrument that you like. Maybe drums, or maybe the piano. The piano is actually very easy, so I prefer you try the piano out. Anyways, If you choose piano, go on Youtube or Google and learn the notes (preferably Youtube). Also learn what each note repersent and how many beats they get. It’s actually not that hard… Basically, with the technology we have today, you can go online and practically learn anything you like. You can even find virtual instruments.

    Hope I helped!

  4. Gianlu says:

    you should try the piano :it’s a beautiful instrument and in my opinion It isn’t too difficult :)

  5. James says:

    I would recommend playing bass guitar. if your good on drums that means you have good rhythm which is very important for playing bass. also it is easy to find a band when you play bass because there are not many bass players.