Guitar Lessons: Instrument Help Please?

I had lessons for the clarinet and after a year gave up, ive started the bass guitar but not taking lessons, im wondering whether i should carry on with the bass guitar or choose a different instrument, are there any instruments that are easy to play but not really simple (triangle etc) i was thinking maybe a ukulele. i go to a music specialist school and ive taken music for GCSE so i should really be able to play an instrument, any ideas? :)
btw my mum said that i cant keep changing instrument because im wasting time and money so this next one needs to be a good choice


  1. αṡτɾα lυχ ∞ says:

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of the flute. It’s not a simple instrument but it’s beautiful when played right and I always feel so elegant when playing it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a gorgeous instrument to play.

  2. wiigirl2k8 says:

    guitar would be good as you can learn basically any songs yourself by using youtube videos or online tabs. There are lots of beginner songs and lots of songs that take a while to learn, but its quite an easy instrument to play once you get used to it. if you use youtube you get lots of guitar lessons for any song you want.

    i learned for my standard grade music ( same as gcse but in scotland :D) and it didn’t take long to learn and i just used youtube and guitar tab sites and i’d say im pretty good and hopefuly i passed my exam :)

  3. Vicky J says:

    i think you should stick with the bass, and then like from there go on to guitar…
    you commented on my question and said your only a beginner and ive been playing guitar for a few months and at the very start it can be very frustrating, i started off on the clarnet as well but gave up because it was actualy well boring lol …..btw whats the music school you go to ive been looking them up but cant seem to find any and hint hint if you eva want to been in a band please contact me because i want to form one (: add me on msn if you want (dont email me on that one because i never check my email because there all from facebook) if you want to email me email

  4. Wowomg says:

    You should learn an instrument that is commonly used in genres that you like. For example, you wouldn’t want to learn electric guitar if you mostly listen to classical music and you wouldn’t want to learn violin if you mostly listen to death metal. It makes music a lot more fun when you can actually play what you would like to play and be able to compose songs with other musicians.