Guitar Notes: What Do Indie/Skater Boys Like In A Girl? X?

Okay, I’m going to describe the boy I like.

~ He skateboards & rollerblades.
~ He likes The Beatles & The Arctic Monkeys alot. ( I also like them )
~ Plays the guitar, music is important to him.
~ He smokes & does weed. (I don’t, there is no point to smoking; but weed..?)
~ He is a year or two older than me.
~ He is good friends with my bestfriend’s older brother. (note that my best friend also fancies him.)
~ I’ve added him on facebook.

How can I get him to notice me more ? & what do you guys find attractive?

:) thanks.


  1. DANIEL G says:

    How old r u? Maybe u should try some weed and have a deep talk with him lol

  2. Anthony Q says:

    Talk to him and and go watch him at the skate park. Bring him food at the skate park, and just be friendly to him. By him some beagles and arctict t shirts from hot topic. I’m a sk8r boi and that’s the stuff I dig from a young chick. And btw, you’re cute, he’s lucky.

  3. Lucy Cobber says:

    My mate donnie is like that, but with shit loads of tattoo’s too, and doesn’t like roller blades lmao.

    He likes indie girls, big hair, leggings, not too much makeup, funny, friendly, nicee, not bitchy, likes gaming etc.

    Just start chatting to him on facebook

    One thing donnie hates is emo girls, So many guys don’t. Don’t go that way! x

  4. Wascally Wabbit says:

    Talk to him

  5. AZDĀ² says:

    Ok I’m gonna be nice and not answer this. You should be careful of how you ask a question. Nice straight line though~