Guitar Hero Games: Im About To Get Either An Xbox 360 Or A Wii, But Idk Which One I Want To Get. Any Suggestions?

the main game i would be playin is guitar hero.
if that helps any ….


  1. Jen says:

    I would get a 360.. the wii is more for kids. Unless you are a kid. The 360 has a lot more to offer then just games. You can download movies, tv shows.. play games with your friends online.

  2. Amanda says:

    Well i think you can buy guitar hero for both of them!

    -hope it helps!!-

  3. Travis says:

    i frist started with a wii, and i HATED the xbox 360, but then i played a 360 then sold my wii, and gotta xbox!!

    i say xbox 360, because you can talk to people online, and download better DLC. its best for online!

    wii is got fun games, but they get boring time to time.

  4. Andrew O says:

    a wii is more family style
    personally i like the xbox 360 better and plus you get like either a month or 2 free months of live i would get the 360

  5. Soup says:

    360 all day wii is for seniors and kids your xbox will become a very important purchase if you learn all the stuff it can do.

  6. Hazelnut says:

    I would definitely suggest that you get a wii, i don’t know why people insist on getting the 36o if it’s just gonna break down someday because of the “red ring” my brother went through 2 xbox 360’s and they both got the red ring. There’s no reason to piss money away

  7. Kevin says:

    if u want a solid, fun and cheap console go for the wii. if u are a hardcore gamer u should get an xbox 360 the graphics are better and it’s market place is better. i own them both and i find myself playing more xbox over the wii. the wii was more like; ooh i got motion sensing this is so cool. but after like a month it got old. the problem with the xbox is that it’s unreliable and breaks down alot i ran thru 2 xboxes in 3 yrs first 1 cant read discs anymore second 1 is on the edge of breaking down. guitar hero will be the same for both consoles it’s just that the graphics will be better on the xbox 360.

    so if u have loads of money to spend buy the xbox. if u want it for guitar hero mainly buy a wii.

  8. sfk19732000 says:

    if ur just into guitar hero then id suggest the wii ,360 is a better for online ,but if its just for fun and friends etc the wii,man i want money from nintendo 4 my advert !all donations to the …..

  9. Will says:

    Get an X-Box 360. Plus with Microsoft’s new product coming out (Project Nato) you’ll be able to do things like you would be able to do on the the Wii and more!!!

  10. rokmanzerox2003 says:

    360…thanks to project natal…xbox definitly beats wii and ps3 now

  11. badfishdive says:

    Unless you got a bunch of young kids, I would get a 360. The Wii sells a lot of units and is pretty fun for a couple weeks, but the vast majority of Wii games are quite similar, while the 360 has a vast library of games that would satisfy you no matter your genre of preference. I have a 360, and I have a few Guitar Hero games, and it’s fun as hell. And there’s no Oblivion on the Wii, which is the most addicting game I’ve ever played.

  12. Kingamer says:

    I have Ps3 and a wii, I go on my Ps3 way more often than my wii, note the ps3 is similar to the xbox 360. The wii is rated highly because it brings a new dimension to the gaming world, but there is planning to be something for the xbox 360 called Project Natal which is similar to the wii Guitar hero is similar on both systems

  13. Jonathan says:


  14. italian man says:

    i have an xbox 360, not the wii or the PS3.

    you’ll find very good competitors on guitar hero. i’m currently playing Guitar hero: Areosmith. it’s fun

    there lotsdown loadableable content for guitar hero games on the market place.

    hope i helped.

    oh if you want to buy the downlodable content right away get some microsoft points