i’m really paranoid about this guy i (wish i didn’t) know…. O_O?

(all the things im going to say about this guy have nothing to do with his race – hes bulgarian – or anything else like that. he also had a complete mono-brow)
i hate even thinking about this.
me and my best mate used to be taught guitar by this guy.
the first thing that hit me when we first started the lessons, was the creepiness that the lessons were literally in his bedroom. he said it was because all the equipment was in there. that’s no excuse to take two 13 year old girls into your bedroom…
(also, his entire flat stank. a mixture of granny perfume, molten-metal and something else. really hard to explain. it made me gag every time i smelt it. this will become relevant later.)
he has really weird. when he started doing crazy chords on the guitar, he’d do this really creepy face and that me want to tear his eyes out. he always found it necessary to move our fingers onto the strings HIMSELF, even though I’d rather have died that touch him. we always stank of his flat afterwards.
he said he wanted our emails to send us our chords etc… mum stupidly gave it to him. he sent us everything, but every email started with “hello ladies…” which was f*cking pervy.
he also knows what schools we go to, since we had to go there in our uniforms.
he looked like a has a boner every time he sat down.
me and my friend are very chatty together, so we hardly got any work done. he never seemed to get annoyed, just SMILED. the creepy smile. it was horrible. i tried to distract myself with my mate every lesson.
all we wanted was to STOP THE LESSONS.
but my mum just didn’t get it. and what could i say?
“Mum hes a filthy creepy pedo”
“oh yh? whats he actually done to you?”
and i didn’t want any proof either…
finally after about 3 months, and after a 4 week skl holiday, he texted my mum and sed he was on tour, that he had to quit being our teacher.
me & my m8 CELEBRATED.
but then the paranoia started.
my mum printed out an email from him and left it on my bed. i sat as far from it as possible, then screamed and threw at far from me as possible. i washed my hands. i haven’t touched my guitar. it had been in his house. he still has my email. what if he spams me. i cant change my email. im subscribed to over 3000 websites and have about 100 contacts.
im paranoid he’s coming to rape me or something i wake up silently screaming sometimes. it may seem like an overreaction but if u knew him you’d understand. i want this to end. i cant tell my muim. don t want pills… help?


  1. Ghostwriter says:

    If you don’t like him be glad the lessons are over. Unless he actually emails you don’t worry about it, and if he does then you have some kind of proof that maybe he’s being less than appropriate in his interest in you. But without any proof of him actually doing anything or emailing you, there’s really nothing that can be done at this point. And him greeting you with hello ladies isn’t all that perverted in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know him, you do, so if you were uncomfortable around him that’s your business.

  2. Brenda says:

    Sweetheart – take a deep breath and relax.
    Yes you are being paranoid. Time to start growing up.
    I suggest you get your mom to take you to a counsellor.

  3. Effy says:

    In many e-mail carriers there is a way to block someone who sends you an email. Just tell your mom that you get a really terrible vibe from this person and you would rather not be associated with them. You’ll be fine, don’t worry. Just breathe

  4. ieatedurcookie says:

    You’re just concerned about your own well being! If you don’t feel safe around him then tell your parents, they can’t force you into anything you don’t want to do! Unless he makes a move on you or your friend then you can’t really do anything for now.
    If he sends you any creepy or weird emails then save them as proof to show your parents.
    There’s nothing wrong with being concerned for yourself and your friend, just stay safe and report any weird behaviour that he may be displaying.