I’m learning trumpet from a book and am having a certain problem…?

It’s certainly quite hard to learn the Trumpet from a book, and once my salary comes through I’ll be getting lessons, but right now I’d like to struggle on. After two weeks of patient practice, I can now play a fairly decent C. However, once I try to play D, as instructed, the note comes out as a horrible squeak, and however I try I can’t steady it out. I’ve cleaned my instrument (It’s a Bach, so a pretty good brand) and the valves are oiled.

Is the problem similar to fret-buzz on a guitar where I just have to practice further, or is there something more wrong?


  1. Veronica W says:

    contact your tutor or the alberts music shop iin twickenham west london

  2. JimmerUK says:

    Stop playing trumpet… now!

    I live next door to you, and can’t get to sleep.

    Seriously though, I would stop if I were you. You’ll develop very bad habits learning from a book, some that may be difficult to get rid of once a tutor shows you you’re doing it wrong.

    Wait until you get your wages, then learn how to do it properly. You’ll probably find it easier.

  3. pennerleyprincess says:

    If you are getting a squeak way above your C then your embouchure is wrong for that note – ie you are tightening your lips too much. Changing just one note you will find you don’t need to blow harder, or tighten your lips more, the valves do the work for you – it is only as you progress up and down the scale further that you will need to change the shape your lips make.

    One excellent way of practising for clear, crisp note is to take your mouthpiece out of the instrument and just use the mouthpiece – any variation in tone or ‘wobble’ is exaggerated and you’ll find when you add your instrument back in you get a much better sound.

    Keep up the practising!

  4. highbriddrummunkey says:

    I’m a drummer first and a guitarist second, i agree with both of the previous answers, sounds odd i know, but here is why…..
    I learned all i could on drums from my brotherinlaw’s drummer when i was a kid THEN i went to pro lessons. When i got there I had developed bad habits and technique which were hard to UN-learn, BUT i also developed some quirks and originality that i don’t think i would have if i hadn’t started playing with an open mind an no guide lines. So there are pros and cons to both sides of it. This might be different for a trumpet player, why not call your local music shop and ask for some advice from a pro?