I’m learning guitar in sm tym. Should i start on an electric or acoustic? Or should i go for electro-acoustic?

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Electro-acoustic is a combination of both….. I dont know the details..


  1. TitoBob says:

    Start with either an acoustic or an electro-acoustic guitar, which you can take anywhere without the need for an amplifier-speaker setup. An electro-acoustic guitar is just an acoustic guitar with one or more pickups attached (so you can plug it into an amplifier for more volume). Later, if you get good at playing, you can go for an electric guitar and amp-speaker, along with special effects pedals if you want.

  2. Tony B says:

    Electro acoustic isn’t a combination of electric and acoustic, it’s an acoustic with a built-in transducer that allows you to “plug in” to an amp, PA or recorder and get an acoustic sound. I can’t see the point of one if you’re only learning to play (I don’t know what sm tym means). I would always say start on an acoustic as it’s simpler, but if you are only interested in electric then I guess that’s the way to go – it’s up to you.