hi, i’m knew to guitar does anyone know any good strumming songs???

i don’t mind what type of music as long as it is not counrty stlye.
and it would be useful if it was easy… thanks


  1. Tricia says:

    I think that you’ll be better in guitar if you learn how to spell properly :)

  2. (The LOON) says:

    Find your own stuff and you will then create your own individual style of playing…

  3. Nik says:

    Wonderwall by Oasis. First song i learned
    and yeah its easy you move 2 fingers through the whole song

  4. xx.DAniELle.xx says:

    chris brown with you that has a guitar in the background try that but it depends what guitar it is is it electric or acoustic i have a electric but i cant play it lol

  5. jock_mcfishwick says:

    the easyest is 6 bar blues it never ending and sound A OK

  6. Miss X. says:

    Lots of the Beatles early stuff is very good for beginners (eg. She loves you, Eight days a week, A hard days night..)
    And also Bob Dylan is good for beginners (eg. Blowing in the Wind, Mr Tambourine man..)
    and learn 6 bar blues, you can write any song with that as a base

  7. Tom S says:

    Wonderwall is a classic by oasis

    or try lighthouse keeper by Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

  8. anthony l says:

    there are a ton of songs

    you should probably start out with smoke on the water-deep purple

    paranoid-black sabbath

    whole lotta love-led zeppelin is fairly easy too. those are just a few.

    oh and iron man-black sabbath

  9. Kate . says:

    i think that a decade under the influence by taking back

    sunday is pretty easy to play

    dance floor anthem by good charlotte isnt that hard either

  10. its.jeremy says:

    poison – every rose has its thorn
    guns n roses – patience
    and who gives a fuck how he spelled his questions… the people on here are bitches

  11. bug goes squish now says:

    try voodoo child or teenagers

  12. Funky Fresh Rastaman says:

    stairway to heaven, my name is jonas, king without a crown, the pretender,dueling banjos, sweet home albama, freebird, knockin on heavens door, meassage in a bottle, sweet child o mine.

  13. Kat Somers says:

    hey try boluvard of broken dreams…. i’m not the best speller sorry….. it’s by greenday it’s super easy Em, G, D, and A.
    look it up on http://www.ultimate-guitar.com hope it works! p.s. or you could look at mine :”) go to you tube and look up one way train. scroll down tilll you see a gurl in a gray shirt playing a red electric guitar. please do!

  14. hashbag says:

    green day good riddance