Help. I’m getting really confused about well, EVERYTHING?

I know to much. I know how to read body language and how to tell things about people by their hand writing, I notice loads of things others don’t notice, so every person I see I automatically know stuff about them, I know how to build a phone, bomb, gun, computer, chair, grenade, amp and a guitar. Plus, I’m really into neurology and how the human mind works, I’ve researched dreams and know tons about them, I know what words and actions people will take to a basic level in response to the things I do. I can make people do stuff by talking in a certain way and I can vanish (not literately, but I’m very good at distracting people and just not being seen in a crowd) really well. I’m really arrogant and I don’t really get on with others because I’m always boasting about something or saying something weird. I’ve started to suspect I might have a mental disorder, but I’m not sure what it is, I just know I have one and I really want to find out what it is. I have no idea what I want to do when I’m older and I can’t make up my mind about anything. I don’t understand why anybody wants friends and when I asked somebody, the laughed and thought I was joking. At which point they called me a nerd and walked off. I then proceeded steal their locker key and leave a note in their locker. It told them that they should go down to the pier with some friends and that somebody wanted to give them something. Of course, them being stupid, leaving out what they were going to get and who was going to give it to them made them curious about it. The note was a bit longer than that and in different words, but he still went to the pier after school anyway. Then, with both his parents at work, I got into his house using a good old lock pick. I won’t say what I did next. Later on, I wondered if it had really been worth it just because he laughed at me. Which just confused me even more. I feel like I’m going explode because everything is just so…..
I have no idea what to do about this. So four questions
a) What could be the cause of this?
b) How to get rid of it?
c) WHAT is it?
d) Has anybody had anything like this themselves?


  1. ZY says:

    i dont know how to answer this but, if u think u can really do all that stuff, then u are really a genius. Albert Einstein could do so many thiings, he wasnt a retard or mentally ill. U have the ability to be whatever u want to be. Go after your dreams, persue, persist and penetrate through all obstacles. U are not sick, but if u are so convinced that u are, u see a doctor. Not so many people get to feel this way so if u are feeling thi way, then u are extraordinary, unique and special.