Guitar Lessons: Im 14 And Want To Be Famous!?

im nina elizabeth jones and am 14 and want to be famous! im currently in a proffesional performance of evita and a semi proffesional performance of oliver. i have allways wanted to be famopus and music is my passion!!!! i am in a trio with 3 singers 1 sings + plays piano(girl) 1+sings +plays guitar (boy) and i sing+ play bass but i would like some tips like is my name interesting enough and how to get noticed and yes i have vocal lessons :)


  1. Your Uncle Dodge! says:

    Often times your name will change when you get famous, so don’t woirry about that. To be famous, keep doing the things that make you be in front of cxrowds and always do them at a high quality levvel. Never compromise the work you do.

    Above all, be patient. Fame is unpredictable both coming in and coming out.

    You’re doing well so far.

  2. Andrew Brower says:

    Everybody wants to be famous just try your best and hope you make it

  3. Sallaman says:

    no you will go drugs and go high and hav a ababy

  4. RogerThat says:

    There are many ways to get famous these days.
    Try uploading a couple of videos of you and your group in Youtube, that’s how Justin Bieber got discovered.
    Also, try auditioning for a talent show where people get discovered like, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, and many more.
    But the catch is that if you want to apply you have to be of a certain age, take The X Factor for example, I think you have to be at least 16 to apply.
    So just be patient, and good luck :)

  5. Cyndell Knight says:

    I love love love how you said “Music is your passion.” If someone if passionate about something, it can take them so far in what they want to do. Try talking to your parents, upload some videos to YouTube, and go to as many auditions as you can even if it’s for an acting role. You have to start somewhere. If you want to do something other than become a world wide phenomenon, you could always be on broadway, work as a singing character at Disney, etc. It’s extremely hard to accomplish anything to this extent, but believe in yourself and stay passionate and everything will work out. Just work hard, nothing is going to be placed in your fingertips. (: